17 November, 2009

Hand Bookbinding and Restoration services available

Anyone have a family heirloom or sentimental vintage book they would like to have restored/preserved (maintaining original integrity) for a family member for Christmas? Feel free to contact me for more information. I have many detailed photos HERE (on my blog) of much more complicated work, and happy former and current clients to recommend my services, if you are interested!

One of the plainest examples of my work, but I have many detailed photos you can view by clicking on the subject links in the right-hand margin, more specifically, bookbinding and restoration.This book had lost it's spine and spine cover, so I cleaned off the old, acidic spine glue and materials and created a new spine and covered it with new, matching bookcloth. I could have created a new title label for it, but it was not asked for.

These are just a few examples of hand-bound journals that I have made and sold, available in any size you would like. Bookcloth is more durable, but these craft papers hold up well. I can attest to this, as these are the style I use for my own journal books.

Let the binding begin!



A.B. said...

Oh, I do! I would LOVE to have my 1890 Altemus Edition of Pilgrim's Progress mended and repaired. Please do send me information. I might not be able to afford it now, but I could at least save towards that end. Thank you!

Javamom said...

A. B., do you have photos of your book so I can get a glimpse of its problems? I would love to try and help you out.

send the images to Javamomma4 at aol dot com.