10 November, 2009

Spanish practice through music

While trying to find a Spanish song to use in my Spanish classes this week, I found a site called Actualidades: a learning blog, that has a fantastic collection of music/songs to listen to. The site owner has gone to a lot of effort and also posted activity sheets that go along with each song (there are almost 50 in the collection!), including a vocab list that you can present before you play the song. They are not translated into English, for the most part, so you are forewarned that you will have to do this part yourself.

These have excellent sound quality, as well, and I'm looking forward to giving some of these a try.



Preview for any topics you personally might want to avoid with younger ages (i.e. love or dating relationships).


Javamom said...

The link was broken, so I'll repost it here:


Katie said...

Oh, yay! This may be just what I need for my younger two. We haven't done Spanish in over a year, and I'm looking for a low-key way to work it into our week.

Javamom said...

many of them are about love, but just wait till tomorrow. I found a youtube for one of them in which the video was made to look like an old movie, plus done in a fairy tale way. Scenes that remind me of Beauty and the Beast, Midsummer night's Dream and others. But Sshhhhh...Keep it a secret, just in case my technology doesn't co-operate during class! I can't wait to surprise the class, at least half of whom will love the drama/fairy tale angle!

Javamom said...

make that at least eight or nine tenths of them should appreciate it :-)