14 June, 2010

Chrysalis to Butterfly!

Sometime in the night (Sunday a.m.) The lady emerged from her shell. Notice the split in the above photo.

from this angle, you cannot see the crack in the shell from which she emerged. In the shot below, you can observe the little "sling" keeping the chrysalis shell attached to the stick.

Papilio Polyxenes, and it is a female!

The white spots on the male are larger and more decorative, it seems.

Otherwise known as a Black Swallowtail :-)

I released her onto our huge rosemary bush ~ Her back side

Her colorful spots on the underside of her wings

She did not stay long, so I was lucky to capture these few shots, slightly fuzzy as they may be with the small canon powershot that I'm using this spring.
While checking the garden this afternoon, I spotted a new and almost microscopic caterpillar
...Maybe I will do this again!
Enjoy your summer,

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