24 June, 2010

summer schedule - this time for me!

I have to do this, otherwise my day gets frittered away, especially in the summertime.

8:30-9:00 (depending on late night reading or talking) Up and around, make bed as I get out, (yadda yadda) ~ make coffee

Do you ever really feel like some things just do not even need to be on the schedule. They are automatic! Especially after years and years of doing them.

Next: kitchen and laundry chores

~ Two married kids later, the ones still at home already know how to do this and they help when they need to. It is mostly my job; they are not my slaves. They rinse their own dishes and laundry and during the school year, they have more duties. One of the two left at home has an outside job, so he is already quite busy. He also does the yardwork. The point is that they 1) learn and know how/when to help serve others, and 2) how to take care of things when they move into their own place someday. I don't want them to hate doing it "because I said so." I want them to love the process and the good feelings that it brings about to restore what was cruddy and messy into something that is pleasing and relaxing! (and also not a health hazard :-).

*They also do a great job of keeping their own rooms clean all the time. I never have to ask them to do that. They keep up with their pet chores, as well.

~ Go check the garden and water when needed, weed when needed.

~ light b'fast

~ check e-mail and messages

~ answer inquiriries and e-mails

~ tidy bathrooms

~ work on getting Spanish lesson plans re-organized, categorized for fall classes. Toss old materials that can't re use. Research products, update wish lists. Organize resources for first lessons.

~ Work in bookbinding studio (restoration of old books and bookbinding is my summer, part-time work).

~~~ Late Lunch - pretty much always,because we eat dinner later ~~~

~grocery shop as needed. In the summer, I am less rigid about errand day. Part of this is due to son's work schedule and sharing a car.

~ read and research any new needed techniques or products in bookbinding and Spanish, or even things for Charlotte Mason Bookclub

~ work a little bit on Fall syllabi in multiple classes

~ blog about any new discoveries, photos, etc.

~ write or look for videos/music appropriate for Spanish classes

~ work on any prep for family night(s)

~ work on rearranging one area of a (specific) room, dust

~ note any needed minor repairs or paint touch-ups

~ make sure items are ready for dinner prep

~~~ 7:30 p.m. ~Dinner & Family Time ~~~
* the kids do go hang out with their friends from time to time

~ kitchen clean-up, sometimes with everybody's help

~ check messages

~ final laundry folding, when needed

~ personal reading which right now is my Spanish Bible (yes, I have personal time at night, not in the morning) and _Twenty Chickens for a Saddle: The Story of an African Childhood_ by Robyn Scott.

~ lights out

When company is scheduled to come over, I also make sure that the bathroom is cleaned up and the floors are swept. Especially in the summer, I don't have an assigned day for this, I just do it when it needs to be done.

How do you shift gears for summer?



~Niki~ said...

i'm tired just reading your to-do list lol. actually i'm in the recliner all day with heat/ice and my laptop. my back is killing me, and my neck too. i'm not sure what i did yesterday, but i'm taking it easy. oh ya, of course i'm reading :)
do some chores for me! mine will not be done today unless the 4 kids pitch in, we'll see.

Javamom said...

I understand about seasons of needed to take it easy with the heat/ice. Been there and still have days like that with my slightly bad back. It flairs up at least once a year, but I go to a chiropractor for maintenance every two months.

Reading is always great!! haha :-). When Mama is under the weather, it is wonderful that the kids can and will pitch in to help. Such a blessing.

I love to work on projects, but I can so easily find myself sitting all day, having helped out with nothing. If I've been very productive, I don't have a problem taking a day off. Problem is, I could be completely lazy if I let myself. So for me, in order to get through those projects in a less "all-or-nothing" way, chipping away bit by bit, I have to put write it down. Somewhere. It might not get finished in a timely manner (or at all) if I don't.

I will be adding two classes to my Spanish class rotation this fall. That means Mondays as well as my normal Wednesdays, Two classes each day, and one small group wants me to teach them Spanish 3. So, I have to prep to spread out over the summer, so I don't overwhelm myself in the fall. I have to bring in a little extra income to help us make ends meet some months, and to throw at paying off debt otherwise. We are on a pretty good track! Otherwise, I'd rather just cook, sew, bookbind, putter in the yard and watch the birds. :-)

Javamom said...

"so easily find myself sitting all day, having helped out with nothing."

Meaning ~ for days on end, lol.

I work better with deadlines, and I work better with little stress with self-imposed deadlines.

Katie said...

My kids do their own laundry too-- this week we are getting ready for camp, and I have to wake up early in order to snag the washing machine before anyone else. Sorta like college, lol.