30 August, 2010

Foreign Language Helps

School starts this week, and we've been busy with preparations at the cottage, as have many of my friends and readers.

Today, I'm share a link (that is filled with more links) to a helpful website for those interested in teaching/learning a foreign language using one of the recommendations of Charlotte Mason, late 19th-early 20th century educator and reformer in England. She had several wonderful suggestions, but was settling on the methods of Francois Gouin (also a late 19th century educator) throughout her writing, speaking, and teaching career. She gives examples of lesson plans and objectives, plus students' samples in the back of her book School Education.

Take your time to explore and take a lot of notes. You will come away with some neat lessons for your own students/children if you do!

Sorry to be so brief today, but I must get back to lesson planning!


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