21 August, 2010

Thrift Scoring

Our thrifting has been more of a practical nature in recent years, moreso than collecting antiques or collectibles. We scored a lot of practical and very nice furniture over the years, but these days, we really don't need anything. Not even clothes, really.

Our latest visit was no exception.

We already have one of these, but Hubby took it up to use in his after-school program. I have been missing it! Today, we scored this one, complete with wooden stand (which we didn't have) for $6.49.

Now, our most excellent, thrift store score ($21 still in box) coffee and espresso bar that we found years ago finally needed some repairs. We looked it all over, and found that the leak in the unit was coming from the metal coil underneath and was beyond our ability to repair. So we went to our favorite thrift store earlier this month and found this Braun coffee maker (and oldie, but a goodie to be sure!) for $3.99.

The carafe was without a lid, which we didn't notice until we got home. It still worked, though, even with the drip-stop action button. We just had to situate the carafe just right underneath. You would not believe the quality of coffee this German coffee maker produces. I could go into the mechanics of the cone-shaped filter system, but I should save it for another post. I learned about the high-quality of German coffee makers back in the early 80's and never, ever settled for anything less than that all these years. (That's part of the reason for my name, Javamom ;-).

When we went back today to look for a hair dryer (because ours died last month) we found the perfect carafe.

I'm not kidding. It is the correct width and height, fits perfectly, and is not scratched up like the original one without the lid. That carafe was $2.99, which brought the price of the coffee pot up to a whopping $6.98 cents. Hoo boy!

Now, this lovely gem is something I've been looking for in antique shops for a few years. I love the streamlined size of this glass juice, refrigerator pitcher. Price: WAS $1.49, but was 50% off so only 75 cents. Do you know how much those go for in antique shops? It may or may not be an antique. For 75 cents, I do not care one way or another!

Did we find the hair dryer that prompted today's visit?
Yes. It is older, small and compact, but will fit our needs just right. I don't really need it for hair, but for bookbinding and restoration work, so the newer "cold shot" features just do not apply here.
Price? $3.49
Now, how have you been saving during these tight economic times?

who has been quality thrifting for more than 20 years.

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Mama Squirrel said...

When our massive '80's TV finally went to the curb a couple of months ago, we replaced it with a slightly smaller one for $5. (I'm always glad my husband knows how to find those kinds of things--I'm not sure I'd have picked one out that worked as well.)