10 September, 2010

In Which She Considers a Dresser

...and repaints it! Do you ever have moments of spontaneous inspiration, then find yourself acting upon it? I do, and always have worked this way. It's not just 'the economy these days' which motivates me. Nope. It's just me. Global, concrete-random, intuitive, big-picture, relational, sensing, creative-the-way-God-made-me, Me.

Besides, those of us at the cottage have always pinched our pennies and gone on the hunt for quality thrift bargains. It's part of being good stewards of our funds, and fits our desire to reduce our consumption, reuse and recycle everything that we can, or donate it so that someone else can get good use out of what we don't need anymore.

This dresser belonged to our 15-year-old, youngest son. We found it at a resale shop years ago but it had previously been an unused furniture store floor model. This is pretty common in our area, and it was a big bargain in brand new condition when we first bought it. As you can see in this photo, it now has the years of scratches and general wear and tear that a pre-teen-to-teenage boy might generally dish out over years of usage and room rearranging. I loved this color, but no room in the house carries this color scheme anymore. I considered just touching it up with a slate blue wash, but I don't have this shade on hand. It could have been maneuvered into our laundry room, after said touch-up. However,

I only have warm-toned leftover paints these days.

(in process)

(now the drawers)

and violá!

Good as new, and a lot like a dresser I've been eyeing in the IKEA catalogue.

I had considered selling it as it was, or sticking it in the attic for a while, but now...

I will find a place for it. Maybe in my room. Dear son said he wants it back in his room now (After begging me to get rid of it). Only problem is, he was given a neat, small, dark brown 'pleather' futon which matches his old IKEA cubbies, and has taken the place where his rejected dresser once stood.

Maybe I'll just rearrange my room for the first time in years. Other rooms have had plenty of reodering, shifting and repainting. But now I am inspired to change the master bedroom.

Because that's how I roll.

What fall projects have you begun?


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