29 September, 2010

Traveling in the New World

I took some time this week to read some of the first pages and the last few pages of journal entries by Sarah Kemble Knight, on her five-month-long journey in 1704 from Boston to New York to settle a cousin's estate. Here you can find a nice map of her apporximate journey. It's a fabulous map, showing the rugged land that she had to cross alone, with only the slight help of a post or mail/message carrier. We've been through many of the same places several times, but thankfully, not on 'hors' as she writes ;-).

Knight's journal is yet another example of the Narrative Historical Literature that we are studying this year in American Lit. here at home.

Next post: a poem about a spinning wheel...or is it?

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Javamom said...

well, I read more than 5 or 6 pages. It was more like 12-15 pages, actually ;-). Neat journal! It was written before a uniform code of spelling was in place.