19 August, 2012

Better Bird Conservation

I just received this post on how to protect more birds than I already do in our backyard habitat. Some of my readers may find the extra tips helpful, as I did. Even though I keep the curtains drawn on my patio doors, we still have the occasional bird strike the doors (one just about a week ago), usually upon being spooked by the local hawk or some other thing. I hate when that happens, but sometimes it just cannot be helped. One year, a dove struck a tree really hard when it was spooked. But it is rewarding to do as much as we can to prevent the senseless waste of birds.

We added an exta water source for our birds this year, plus keep our cats indoors. But did you know about drinking shade-grown coffee? Enjoy the article, and let me know what you have done this year to draw more birds to your yard.

Enjoy your birding!


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