11 September, 2012

Last First Day of 'School'

(Our youngest, upon his first day of his Senior year)

We have had an eventful Summer as a family, transitioning yet again since the spring, really. Our grown kids, even a foster daughter, all came to visit from out of state, empty country fields are filling with homes, and hopefully new friends and walking partners. We sold older vehicles and replaced them with newer, more reliable ones. Gone is the navy blue, extended-cargo-space, Mom van!

It honestly was difficult to let her go when we first began talking about it last year. With just one son left in our homeschool, why keep the van around? Well, it is the most reliable van we'd ever had. It is large enough to carry wallboard, tiles, lots of dirt, and plants home from the home and garden store. It was great for transporting family and gear for many and many a hiking and camping trip from Colorado and New Mexico to New England and Maine.

But it was time. Tough transitions need to be marked by something victorious and happy. No, that is not why Hubby and I both got newer cars this year. That was already in the plan. But that it came during the summer of massive transition just seemed to punctuate our new chapter of life. We all put serious disappointments-deaths of relationships-behind us and are grateful and thrilled to have healthy kids (or siblings), both grown and those still at home. Not many things are more important than that. Loss stinks. But life, health, and boundaries are important. Making plans, encouraging and cherising one another, setting goals, and putting family, not self, first...fighting for and fighting alongside the one(s) you love, as if you were fighting for life against the minotaur itself, is important.

So here we are, our last first day...our last first week of homeschooling our last young man. Long has he been taller than I, but I have a little more time to teach and to pass on words of inspiration and wisdom, when he seeks them. I pray that I finish this job well, by the grace of God.

I'll post more on our last first week very soon! It has been pretty amazing!

My handful of readers, tell me about your first day or first week back to school!



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Sheila Atchley said...

I feel you. I so feel you. Blessings and grace on your last year. I am teary eyed for you...