15 January, 2013

Happy New Year! I bet some of you have been wondering if I'd ever blog again. This being my last year (well, my last semester, now) of homeschooling after some 21 years, I find myself as busy (in slightly different ways) as I used to be when all four children were still home and I was enjoying/juggling four levels of schooling at once, along with serving as our first and oldest secretary and e-mail communications lady for our local homeschool group. Those were busy times, indeed.

As I wind down my homeschooling years, I continue to participate in a local fine arts co-op and teach Spanish to other homeschoolers. This is how I am still pretty busy while homeschooling only one now.

In the spirit of those earlier years, I decided to mostly take off the whole month of December to prepare for Christmas. We did meet twice for Spanish, but that was necessary. Absence makes the brain forgetful when it comes to certain things!

I really desire to get back to sharing more of my backyard birding adventures this year. The time is coming when I should really be able to focus on the project a lot more. We have Hubby's 50th birthday party to plan and execute in April, and final son's graduation in May, but that shouldn't keep me off the blog too much.

I'd love to hear from you, readers, if you have a little time. What are you up to? How are your children? Have you observed any wonderful things in nature study, poetry, art, or literature since Thanksgiving? DO share!

p.s. What has blogger done to their photo uploads??



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Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Javamom, Re the photo uploads: you mean how long it takes--as in, sometimes, just short of eternity? I have found two ways around it. First, the photo uploader works better in the HTML setting than it does in the Compose mode. But also I've found that the browser makes a difference. I usually use Explorer because I'm used to it, but Google Chrome seems to work a lot better if you're uploading photos. I had my youngest daughter try Google Chrome with some photo posts she was doing, and it worked much better.