04 November, 2013

Fall Garden and Prepping for Cooler Weather

My friend at Season of Harvest asked just a few days ago how the garden is going now, since I haven't posted any photos in about a month. Well, here is my update for her, and for any who stumble upon the Booksncoffeehouse in web-land. Fall garden in pictures:

Two large branches of this bell pepper plant broke off in the wind earlier in the week, but the peppers were quite large enough to be useful!

 Big Jim New Mexico green chiles

 another bell pepper

 last carrot harvest of the season

 the last collard green plant, and it is HEALTHY! Next to it is another New Mexico green chile plant, this time "Barker" variety. (Very hot)

 Not too shabby for fall! See the hoses to the right? I have been unwinding and taking them out of the raised beds to store for winter. We are actually getting a decent amount of rain each week now, and I can safely put them away for the season.


 one of multiple kale seedlings!

serrano pepper plant

 dozens of onions

 peppermint is making a comeback, just in time for hot chocolate and peppermint tea!

 Another view of the loaded New Mexico green chiles...loaded, loaded, loaded!

 purple basil and bell pepper

 Newer red chard planted in August, green chard behind that. Globe basil at the back

 older red chard from last year...just keeps on kicking!

 snow peas

The tomatoes are pretty much all finished producing. There are blossoms and about nine small tomatoes, however most of the plants are dried up. Normally, we still have them until the first freeze, but not this year. I don't think my plants were that strong to start with. The cool weather crops will stay through the winter, and I can just cover them with leaves during frosts, and add blankets if it it snows or if we have an ice storm. Though I love my garden, I love winter, too, so I won't complain about the growing season (especially for warm weather crops) minimizing production or drawing to a close.

Any of my readers have things growing this fall? It doesn't matter how large or small. Tell me about it!


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Sheila Atchley said...

My eyes are green. I am totally jealous. :)