02 January, 2014

Happy New Year and a Brief Look Back at 2013

Happy New Year, all!

This past year (2013) was my least active time on the blog in my nine years of blogging. In some ways, that is a good thing, in that I needed to close chapters well with my family as they moved on to new events in their lives. DC #3 transferred out of state for university, and DC #4 (our baby) graduated from high school.

This year, I plan to do a 365 grateful project. I may not always post to the blog, but I will be creating a hard copy of my 365 grateful journal.

I am also exploring new ventures, now that our last child has reached adulthood and doesn't need us very much as he begins to carve out his own path.

So stay tuned!

Gratitude entry number one:

~ I am grateful for family and new friends who got to be with us for the holidays. All of us under our roof for this special Thanksgiving with Poppy, who is growing more frail each week. We decided to pose our own version of "Freedom from Want" by Norman Rockwell.

Blessings on your New Year!


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