23 November, 2004

One Of My Favorite Things: Autumn

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face.
~ John Donne

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
~ Elizabeth Lawrence

These past few weeks, being almost completely overcast, have ushered in a very wet Autumn for us. On those few sunny days, we've enjoyed the gathering of the flocks of black birds that pass through our part of the country at this time every year. They linger for months, actually, while we enjoy their antics among the fields and along the telephone poles. They course, swell, and diverge as they consider which direction they want to fly as a group. They gather in droves, blanketing our rooftops, fence railings and tree tops, rather appearing as Autumnal "Christmas lights" all about these high perches.

The Crepe Myrtles and the Bradford Pear trees, along with the Maples and Chinese Tallows, now glow with kisses of the luminous colors of autumn.

These wonders make me smile, and I think the kids are picking up on this joy of autumn, as well! This is especially true when we are out on some of the roads at times when the swarms of blackbirds are covering them, and we sort of speed up to scare the winged creatures. They hastily ascend upwards to get away from our van, then swoop right back down on the road again, as soon as we have gotten out of their way. It is quite funny. ºÜº

I hope you all are enjoying some pleasant and some joy-filled experiences in this calming season.

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