19 November, 2004

This is my Hubby.

He loves guitars, mandolins, and all stringed instruments. He has learned how to build some of these from scratch! He teaches high school English and American Lit. and will finish up a graduate degree in English very soon.

We will celebrate twenty years of marriage (and 21 years of friendship) in May, 2005. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hillbillies!! Rich is Mr. Banjo these days and I'm trying to pick up the fiddle. It looks like we could have a decent bluegrass festival between yours and ours :)

And we still have an autoharp that I find every few years tucked away in a closet. I find it and think "man, I need to get that back to James" then I forget before I leave the room.

Drop us a line and say hello! We've been camping several times lately at Marval and think of you guys every time. We simply must get together and catch up!

Joy :)

Javamom said...


It is great to hear from you! We'd love to see you all and catch up.

James built me a hammered dulcimer, but it still needs some work. You should see the kids' mandolins! They're sweet.

James says, HI! and send the auto harp C.O.D.! Now that we are all into music, he is excited to see it again and play it :-)