27 January, 2007

Crashing an English Teacher's conference

We had some crazy fun today... fun for us anyway ;-). Photo with the Poet Laureate TBP later.
Technically, we crashed a convention...as Hubster's paperwork and registration never went through! He had verbal agreements over the phone of our being able to attend the Billy Collins luncheon today.

The ladies at the luncheon ticket table were...well, one of them was very gracious and sold us tickets and said we could do our registration later. It was fun just walking in with no "official" nametag. We had great seats.

Collins was so easy to listen to and just as I thought he would be. Read this interview to get a better idea of what I mean. He read a lot of his poems to us and had many wise things to say about the teaching and writing of poetry. He took questions, and I'll have to write about those later. Many of them were just plain simpleton questions. I wonder what he was expecting and if he was disappointed?

There were but four of his books left for purchase after his session. We had plenty of time to chat with him in the book-signing line; I spoke with him twice, since dh was the last one in line.

More later, as we're off to see family before a nephew heads of to Air Force basic Training early next week.


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