31 January, 2007

Our high school Senior

Last Friday, we had a special day of honor for all the Seniors (including our son) of our homeschool co-op's graduating class of '07.

We started out by giving the students award ribbons to wear around their necks all day. The moms got a coordinating "Senior Mom" ribbon, which I may want to wear every week! (grin) Each student got a button from their parents with their most predominant character quality on it, and each parent got to say a little something about that in the ceremony. Throughout the day, all the seniors got more buttons with character qualities and corresponding "charges" to "go forth" in each class, all day long.

At lunch, we had the Seniors participate in messy games in the gym! That was a hoot.

After classes let out, The "Amazing Race" that many of the Senior moms had worked on began in earnest. The students broke into three teams, with Senior Dads doing the driving and navigating. The students had to decode the riddles and clues, tell the Dads which way to go, and locate, work, purchase, and/or photograph each step of the way. They had to do things such as pose with sculptures in one of the suburbs where we had them drive, go to Target and buy a certain deck of cards, go over to another business and cut, sew and stuff pillows for a ministry project, head over to yet another suburb to ask trivia questions of the local firemen and swab down the whole bay area of the fire station, head over to Starbucks and dig in a bucket for a penny with each team member's birth year on it, just to name a few things. All the while they had to be writing a song with specific words to be included in the song, to be judged after our dinner party at the end of the evening.

It was a full, invigorating and even tiring day. BUT it was extremely rewarding, and a nice way to honor our kids and their families.

The ages of my kids hit me in a different way while helping plan some of these activities last week: I realized that Hubster and I will have a graduating senior every other year (including this one) for the next six years! Yikes!!



tootlepip said...

wow! That is a lot of graduating seniors. We had one a few years ago and will have another in 2009, one in 2012 and then one in 2014. I remember when 2000 seemed futuristic. Where does the time go?

Javamom said...

I know, right? It may be cliché, but it is so very true. All we can do is stay right in the moment and treasure the memorable times with gratitude. That also sounds so cliché.