02 February, 2007

We have snow!

It looks significant (for *Texas*) from my window, and there's another wave on the way! This has been more of a real winter for us! Pour up the hot chocolate - with a shot of espresso, of course! (as it will all be gone by this evening--the snow, not the coffee :-)



Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big your kids are. So gorgeous too. Any college plans nailed down yet?


Mother Auma said...

That is a *beautiful* picture of you and the kids!

Javamom said...

Thanks, y'all!

J has several options; go help my nephew (Tim, the worship leader) as a guitarist/vocalist at his church and live there for a while. That would work if he needed to establish residency to get a better tuition rate. He could also go to London this summer, transfer to Starbucks there and help with a friend who may intern at a church there.

Oregon is a huge draw for him! He is looking into Lewis and Clark college which is a liberal arts school. He is interested in looking into the church where Rob Bell goes. Boy, is he our son, or what? Remember our venture to Boston to check out all the hoopla for ourselves? That was the best move we ever made.

J loves photojournalism, theology and philosophy, coffeeshops and worhsipping the Lord with his music, but he isn't looking into anything traditional right now, LOL. I am okay with that. Is that weird? I trust God about all of it.
That's a good place to be as a parent, yes?