06 February, 2007

Mandatory Cancer Vaccine

I'm extremely disconcerted and undone over the latest mandate that our governor (who just so happens to be in the party I end up voting for much of the time) has made.
Friend of homeschoolers? Sure, when it helps to get him elected. For better or for worse, politicians are standing up and taking more notice these days of the ever-growing homeschool voting block and how it may be important for them to get on "our" good side!

There was just that type of something about him this past year that made me not want to vote for him again or be seen supporting him in the election last November. Why, we homeschoolers even had the chance to go stand on stage with him the night before (or was it on?) election day, and also get to see our President. Wow. That really bothered me and I honestly felt by that point that he was just using our huge voting block for his own advantage, not necessarily for our interests. I didn't publically share my feelings at the time, as I didn't want to stir up anything with many whom I know would probably not agree with me.

Well guess what...parenting issues such as these, and choices regarding vaccinations and other health issues are a couple of "our" interests. And I think he just blew it, big time. I hate to say that I am not surprised at all by this. I don't have a lot of facts to back up my reservations, but I had them.

To me, this mandate is disturbing on at least two levels: 1) requiring something of us that is our decision as parents to make and 2) Merck stands to earn millions of billions of dollars on this "mandatory" vaccine (they were lobbying for this last week). Whose pocket is Merck in, anyway? (or did I just say that backwards...who is in Merck's pocket, LOL).

Follow the money, I say. I just think it is wrong for this governor to make such an executive decision with so little discussion or warning. This vaccine doesn't even cover all types of cervical cancer, just those caused by HPV (an STD). It brings up my frustration that the drug companies have too much power, now (I hate, hate, hate all the advertising they get to do...when some of the JUNK they send down the pike is probably as dangerous as Tobacco), but that is another issue for another day.

Hmphhhhh. I wonder if our "One Tough Grandma" would have pulled this kind of slick "Good old boy" move. Somehow, I really don't think so. But the crowd was so upset by her supporting teachers and teachers' unions. Gosh. Too bad we didn't consider more of her positions than that, 'cause in Texas homeschools ARE private schools, so we are teachers. So what if a lot of schools don't like or approve of homeschools. So far, we still have an upper hand, that of course we should fight to keep. I liked that Tough Grandma, even if she was idealistic and even if she was backed by Texas teachers. At least we knew where she stood!! Beats a back-stabbing good ol' boy any day. Austin needed shaking up.

Sorry, y'all. This just really bugs me.
Javamom on a soapbox (which doesn't happen so very often) chiming in with my two bits-worth of an opinion


Mother Auma said...

Yes, that vaccine thing is a very bad deal. I don't know what he is thinking. Or rather, I don't *want* to know what he is thinking.

Unfortunately, we voted for Perry as well. But really, you have to walk a long way to meet an honest politician. I remember dh and I having a long discussion about something underhanded that Strayhorn did during the election (of course, I can't remember now what it was), and I really didn't want to vote for her either. We are just in a bad way for good politicians in this country. Where are the statesmen???

We did go to the pre-election day brouhaha in which we got to sit behind the podium and see Governor Perry and President Bush, and I'll tell you why we went. We wanted to see the President of the United States in real life. There is no telling if another opportunity like that will come for us or the kids again, and since we could, we took advantage of it.

It was also a rare opportunity for our children to communicate to us how very much they dislike loud music. :O) (They always dislike it, but we are so rarely in the presence of it that they hardly ever feel the need to communicate said dislike.)

Mother Auma said...

Quite eye-opening that rally was too. They specifically told us not to bring posters of any kind, and then proceeded to pass out all kinds of posters before the politicians arrived. (They just didn't want us to bring our *own* posters.)

We also stood in a section of the line (read: crowd) outside which was constantly traversed by reporters and photographers making their privileged way into the arena before the rest of us went in.

The secret service personnel absolutely did not allow water or snacks and took away our bottled water-- but when he searched my purse, he opened my wallet and went through all of my cards (library cards, debit card, drivers license, memberships, etc) and completely missed the string cheese I had in the bottom of my bag.

All in all, a very living learning experience.

Javamom said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing, MotherA

I'm with you, "Where are the statesmen and women." We must wait patiently, and trust God and His plan, prayerfully raising our children for Him and hopefully some of them WILL be those future Statesmen and women!


Mother Auma said...

I hope I didn't go overboard on my comments. I didn't mean to. I've just been thinking about/processing that rally ever since November and your post reminded me of it. And I have been terribly disappointed by conservatives lately. I really don't understand politics.

Javamom said...

No, you didn't go overboard, at all! Don't give it a second thought!

Love ya,