24 February, 2007

Massive Dust Storm

It is all a pinkish-brown haze outside and incredibly windy. We are losing shingles as I type. Neighbors' play forts have blown over and across their half-to-full acre yards. As the sun tries to burn through, the sky becomes more pink, as it moves behind the haze, it becomes more of a grayish-brown. Take a look.


Dawn ; ) said...

Hello dear friend,
stopping by to show some love ~ I've missed visiting. The place is looking lovely as usual. I'm glad to know you weren't blow away, hope you're feeling better ~ been a couple down around here too.
Talk w/you soon. ;D

Robin said...

Did you make it through? What an odd type of "storm". Have you ever been through on before?

Javamom said...

We've not seen one like that since we've lived here. (since 1988) It wasn't so bad for us. I have family in west Texas and they tend to get it worse, and far more often. My own mother was semi-stranded out on the road coming back from west Texas during this storm. She said they could hardly see very far in front of the car! They had to stop a couple of times.