07 February, 2007

Switching Gears

Time to lighten up with some of our favorite things:

~ Hanging out in hammocks

~ our kitties

~ good books and good art

11.5 yos called me from his room to point out Tigger hamming it up in the hammock for relaxation. Here is mittens on H.E. Marshall's _English Literature for Boys and Girls_. She had been admiring Monet's "The Corn Poppies" that you see behind her. I catch her napping behind that easel fairly often.

Mittens is more literate than Tigger. She has always preferred being near the books, on the books, and even looks on while the kids read their books! You think I jest?

:-D Javamom


tootlepip said...

Our kitty thinks that when you sit down to read a book, that you are sitting down to pet him and the book is for rubbing his chin on. He is sitting in the chair next to me as I am typing this. Aren't kitties wonderful?!

Javamom said...

That's funny, Tootle! They are wonderful :-)