23 February, 2007

Friday Evening Comforts

I've been ill for the last two days with a lot of aches and a low-grade fever. I missed co-op today, as I knew I wouldn't be up for standing much of the day to teach and help. It took me longer than usual yesterday to make sure my lesson plans (for my three classes) were more detailed and nicely laid out for my assistants to take over for me. I also made sure all necessary paperwork and assignments were easy to find. My growing children were such good helpers to see that my supplies got to the right people this morning. They are awesome. I was able to sleep long and peacefully today.
The previous night was terrible, as I awoke every hour, and never could get very comfortable. My neck ached something awful.

'Twas especially nice for Dread Pirate Sparsebeard to bring home some Hot and Sour soup and a couple of old Poitier movies. The house was all quiet with the teens gone for the evening to a Literary costume ball. Our third teen is spending the night with a friend. Only our youngest was home, and he'd earned some time on the computer.

Soup, Tea, and Poitier. These are some of the comforts of home.


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