18 February, 2007

Flat Stanley

Has he ever visited your home? Check out Amazon for his story, and how you can get involved with his adventures, too. This is a fun way to get multiple generations of family and friends involved in the lives of your children. By participating, and adding to Stanley's adventures, you can pour into another family member's life in a rich and meaningful way, even if you live far away from them!

One of my great nieces sent Stanley to stay with us over the weekend recently, so we took him everywhere we went, and took pictures along the way. Stanley got to learn some Spanish while with us. He got to see an outdoor sculpture garden while visiting our big city, learn about photography and visit a real photography studio, go to a family birthday party for my father-in-law (who is a seasoned professional photographer), be read aloud to by our teenagers, be carried to church with us, read from my Spanish Bible. He also got to go to work at Starbucks with one of our teens, listen in on some poetry reading of Billy Collins, nap in Mexican hammocks, and hang out with the family cat.

I highly recommend that you introduce Stanley to your family!

Javamom, homeschool mom of four, ages (almost) 12 to 18, who have always homeschooled.


Firefly said...

My nephew sent Flat Stanley for a visit a couple of years ago and he went bike riding with us, played in the sandbox with us and even snuck out one night and watched TV with the grown-ups! Here's a picture of him taking our pet for a walk:


Javamom said...

That is funny! At least Stanley would be able to keep up!