21 January, 2007

This semester

I already mentioned what my semester looks like this winter. Here is what our four dc are doing.

18 y o Son is a senior with Senioritis. He is working about 20 hours a week at Starbucks. He plays guitar and leads youth worship every Sunday evening. He plays acoustic guitar part time for adult worship team.

He has his three-hour Worldviews (Year 3) class on Wednesdays. This class encompasses History, Literature, Speech and Debate, theology, church history, English composition and grammar...basically everything except science, math, and foreign language. At our Friday co-op, he is taking "What's in Your Wallet?" which is a practical economics class for the Sr. High. Then he is taking "ballroom Dance" (prom is in a few months, and we have the wedding of a friend to attend, as well!), Precept Bible Study, Movie class, where they discuss the worldview of various movies. That's it. He's finishing Algebra at home with the help of his Dad and another tutor-friend.

Dd, age 15.5, is taking Geometry, Dance, a home ec type class, Billiards and archery. She also has a three-hour Worldviews class on Wednesdays, but she is in her first year, but as I said, this class covers all subjects (and then some) except math, science, and foreign language.

Ds, age 13.5 is in my Word Feud (Greek and Latin roots) class, "What's For Dinner" cooking class, Colored Pencils class, Archery, and Narnia lit. class. He is completing Chalkdust Math at home, as well as history and geography.

Youngest ds Androcles, age 11.5, is in "Italian Cooking" class, Chronicles of Narnia Lit. class, Performance Ensemble, "Whose Line is it, Anyway" improv class, and "Hands on Imagination"
He is doing Saxon Math and some history and other lit. books here at home. I'm also doing some poetry and copywork with him and his 13 yo brother, and occasional Artist/Composer Study.

Since we have a part time home business, the younger two boys get an education in business, as well! They are weekly helpers, so are getting a small share in the form of teamwork and in wages! I also infuse some conversational Spanish into our days.

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