05 September, 2007

Big Jim

Confessions of a RCM's (t) wife:

Yes, I really *do* like green chile. They are huge and make fantastic chile rellenos, or are just great chopped and added to quesadillas, corn, salsa, eggs, anything. I love the smell of them roasting. It reminds me of camping. It is actually cool enough in our state to think about camping. We have had an extremely mild summer this year...such a tremendous blessing.

I am staying home tonight from another gig that the kids' have in downtown Dallas and I'm roasting the last of the chiles; the Big Jim variety. Yesterday was the Sandia, today was the Big Jim. Mmmmm Hmmmm. Yum. If you are from New Mexico, you so know what I am talking about. Anywhere else is just "hmmm? Chile? Isn't that a country?

Nope. Not this kind.

So the big Real Chile Men reunion and feast is this weekend with all the RCM and their families. We've known some of these families for 18 years, and most of them for 15 years. The trip to New Mexico for fun, food, fellowship and Chiles is tradition!!

Yes. We all need some traditions in our lives.

We refuse to let summer and "relaxedness" (different from laziness) go completely away as we begin a new school year. I abhor rushing and adrenaline, and all the fussing and stress that does not need to be a part of our lives. It is bad for relationships and bad for our long-term health!

Take time to smell the Chile :-D


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Birdie said...

Yum! Your pictures look good enough to eat. ;)