09 September, 2007

Home school & Co-op in full Swing

This past week marked the official beginning of our school year, though we started at half-pace and will gear up more this week. Unlike Mother Auma, though, we have not taken a "school" picture, yet!

I'll have friends joining us a couple of days at our home this year for all age levels of Spanish classes. This will give my boys some friends to work alongside them.
I have 12 students in my co-op high school class, 5 students in the Jr. High class, 2-3 (if my dd has time to fit us in) in my home high school class, two in my Jr. High class, and 3 or 4 in my elementary club class.

Our next three kids in line will be taking classes such as SAT prep, Painting on China, Algebra I, Performance Ensemble, and Improv.

I'm sorry that I don't post schedules or lesson plans these days. I know that is encouraging and helpful to a lot of people. I'm a big picture person, and am more apt to just tend to the details but don't always like to spell them out in little steps. I ha--... I get to do that for my co-op classes, so that takes up all my patience and time for such things. I do enjoy having these lesson plans and detailed descriptions myself, so that I can stay on topic when I'm presenting information or playing grammar games with my own kiddos or students, but time does not allow me to rearrange them to share here very often.

I do love to share the things from our family and life from which we learn. All of life is about learning, really. We get to be creative at how we title and fit much of this into the high school transcript, but it is possible to do so in a legitimate fashion!


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Birdie said...

It sounds as though you are off to a sensible start. We also like to start slowly and build steam.