03 September, 2007

I cannot keep up with God!

No kidding, right?

There is just not enough time in the day to keep up with everything. Even when one makes a concerted effort to "stop and smell the roses," to praise the Creator for beauty and life and to enjoy His simple things. There still is not enough time to accomplish not only what needs to be done, but also those things that our human minds come up with to do. BUT perhaps in enjoying these simple things, we quickly reflect on those things that are not important.

I am simply and utterly speechless at his creation. Almost all of the time. The beauty you see (when to you take the time to see it) could not happen without one incredible power source to fuel the order and natural laws of the universe; a creator with such attention to details that neither man nor substance could ever come up with on its own. Man ruined Eden, and we need a Savior because of it.

I have believed in God since my first memories of understanding this very simple fact.

I *am* inspired by God's order, and by His creativity and beauty. I stop what I'm doing and run out the door on a regular basis to record some of the incredibly spectacular moments on digital images.

Doesn't this one look a little like a volcano? This is slightly later in the sunset than the above two shots. The sun has gone behind and is glowing like fire or molten lava.

His order and creation are not sterile. Dust abounds in His creation, you know. The earth does not always "get a good washing" by rain every day or even every week. I take comfort in this. There are times and seasons of color and of cleanliness in God's outdoor world. Helps me consider and order the necessary people and things in my indoor world.

Wishing you a Happy Labor Day off from serious labors

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Birdie said...

Lovely photos and lovely thoughts.