28 November, 2007

The Big Hit of Thanksgiving Day

Grown on a family tree ~ north of Las Vegas, Nevada. To Uncle Wally and Aunt Sue: All four of our kiddos absolutely love pomegranates. Learning that Grandma Honey picked them from your tree on the cliff really gave them joy! The fruit is such a neat design...and it's red, which we love.


Donna Jean asked, so here's a post script ~

Cutting and eating pomegranates:

The skin is thickish and stiff, but you'll want to cut it carefully, so as not to cut into the juicy seeds. It's easiest to cut of the star topper, then score the sides. Put the whole fruit in a bowl of warmish water to soak several minutes. This makes it easier for the seeds to separate from each other and from the rind. You CAN eat the seeds inside the juicy kernels. I often spit them out, but I looked it up; they can be eaten.

Our family loves to drink pomegranate juice, which we can buy in multiple places here. You can blend your own juice and strain out the seeds with a strainer or cheese cloth. We've even been the recipients of Sparkling Apple Pomegranate or just plain Sparkling Pomegranate juice before.

Dd likes to buy pomegranate shampoo (Burt's Bees).

Any of my readers enjoy pomegranates this much?

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Donna-Jean said...

Wow, haven't thought about pomegranates in a really long time. I think I ate one, once, in a Greeks and Romans class in junior high school!!!

Any advice (second-rate, I'm sure, after that 'cliff' produce) on how they're best eaten?