07 November, 2007

What's in Your Grocery Cart?

I just made a new friend this week. It seems we have a lot in common, including driving the same make, model and color of van! Our mutual friends have been telling us how they can't believe we haven't met, yet, b/c we are so much alike!

Well, we decided to go the coffee shop to surprise my oldest son (actually little bro wanted to do this-I wanted to avoid rush hour traffic and head home after the piano lesson). About ten minutes after arriving, my new friend showed up, just as my son was getting off work. My new friend's daughter also works at the same place. It was soo good to finally meet my new friend in person! We met up on Facebook earlier in the week, so the timing of running into her was uncanny, after this whole past year of knowing about this family and hearing all these wonderful things from my teens about the family. I knew two of her kids, and have even eaten with them, and she knows my oldest two. So it was great finally to meet!

So one of the last things she asked me (as we were inspecting each others' exact vans) was "what kind of groceries did you buy?" because I had a trunk full :-). That gave me an idea for a fun post.

We decided to skip making veggie and tofu stir-fry this week, so that is absent from our more typical grocery list.

Groceries purchased this week:

2 gallons of milk
half and half
Dannon Danactive
Yogurt (various flavors of Yoplait)
Land 'o Lakes butter

2 loaves of wheat sandwich bread
2 loaves of whole grain, thick, yummy bread from the dollar rack
Granola cereal
Honey bunches of Oats cereal w/almonds always a must!
Raisin Bran

Mango juice
Pink Grapefruit juice
100% cran grape juic

Brussel's sprouts
gala apples
baby carrots
big carrots

smoked turkey sandwich meat
rotisserie chicken sandwich meat we only eat this once a week. I know smoked prepared meats are very bad for us, b/c of nitrites and carcinogens of all kinds.
fresh chicken breast
ground turkey meat - for homemade chili (now that it's nice and cool)

Black beans
Tostitos "scoops" Corn chips

Two packages of brownie mix (for impromptu company dessert)
Shiner Bock, which my hubby refers to as "yellow roses"

What's in Your Grocery Cart?



Mother Auma said...

Okay, I listed my groceries.

(We got a lot of deli this time, and I know about the nitrites too.)

It's a long list. It was big shopping time.

athenainaminivan said...

I posted my list. Sounds like lots of food when you put it all together in one list.


Javamom said...

Great lists, ladies! Thanks for playing along. I am shocked by the price of eggs these days. They used to be such a bargain.

Mama Squirrel said...

OK, I'll play.