07 November, 2007


I'm taking a brief break from my obsession in Spanish and sharing a normal life moment.

We saw and heard some GOOD football this weekend! Yes, a few of us at the Booksncoffeehaus (or wouldn't that be "das buchsundkaffeehaus"? LOL) love to watch us some football, as well as attend the symphony or see a good foreign film. We are indeed very eclectic.

Most of our teams won: Dallas Cowboys and the Oklahoma Sooners. We were so rooting for the Indiana Colts to beat the Patriots; honor, honesty, spirituality and all that...

Well, I want to share a favorite moment, linguistically speaking, while listening to one of the games on radio. It was a televised game, but for a brief time, we had to listen in on the radio broadcast while on our way home from hearing The Stable Futuristic play at a local coffee shop. (Yep...our kids' band).

These radio commentators are actually worth listening to over TV (or by turning down the TV volume and upping the volume on the radio tuned to the corresponding game) b/c of the commentators. Well, one of them to be more specific. He calls the OU games for a radio station out of my home state: Oklahoma. Listening to him is like revisiting family friends from the past. It takes me back to my roots!!

Now that you've had the build-up of this background, maybe you can imagine an "Okie" announcer, all excited-like, Oklahoma twang and all. He was talking about one of our own boys getting caught up and tripping himself. Instead of saying tripping himself, he said that the player had "engaged in some self-tackle-ization." I realize you probably had to hear it all for yourself, but in the moment, Hubby and I just looked at each other and laughed mightily! Wow. It was a funny moment indeed, and I realized once again why I like to listen to the funny Okie commentator on the radio while I am one state away from "my team."

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