05 May, 2008

Peaceful Saturday of Birding

I barely had to leave the house to photograph these events. I had recently put out birdseed in several new places. You can see the Frisbee on the deck railing and the feeder where the Cardinal and other birds visit daily. The blue jay was the funniest to watch, because he did NOT want to be caught with his beak in the "cookie jar" so to speak. He flitted about until I finally got a few shots of him standing at the bowl. I'll include the "in-flight" shots here, as they are more interesting.

This red-bellied woodpecker used to come around more often in the past, but I haven't put out seeds and nuts for several years, maybe that is why. He is also fast, but he crawls quickly, doesn't flit about like the blue jay.

Mr. blue jay is such a messy bird!

Mr. Cardinal is so very tidy and regal. I have shots of him and his wife feeding at the same time... but they still need to be resized in photoshop.

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