29 May, 2008

Adorable Birds

I've been spotting our baby cardinal this week, but have not gotten a photo of him, until today. I decided to fill only the feeders at the deck so that I'd have a better chance of viewing more birds. It worked! Little guy was back today, and he seems to be getting redder now. He looks a little worn as he moults from his baby feathers. This photo is smaller resolution than my original.

Because of limiting the feeders, the birds are patiently waiting in line for each other. It looks like the last one is thinking, "Could you hurry up already?" Different birds would take turns like this all day long. It was really funny!

Then Mr. Woodpecker showed up for his turn at the bugs near one of the feeders.

Two more treats of the day:

I have about 35 shots of this mama feeding seeds to her not-so-small baby. In some of the shots, it is obvious that his tail is still very short. When he flies, his wings move rapidly as he flits about.

surprised by red finches

I'm becoming spoiled by these sites.

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