02 June, 2008

Today's Harvest ~ Simple Joys

Veggies picked this morning

Over the weekend, Sparsebeard drove a few stakes into the ground so that I could stake up our bushy grape and roma tomato plants. It makes them looks so lush and beautiful! I followed the "Canadian Weave" technique, I think ;-).

I still need to stake or string the melon plants, as they are running aground and attaching themselves to everything in their paths.

Crookneck squash - yum! The one I picked will be sauteed for dinner.

This basil will be mixed into a pesto very soon. These are indeed some satisfying and simple joys, and some excellent summer school subjects for our kids!!

Do you long for the tastes of early summer?

May you enjoy a fresh garden salad every day...



Donna-Jean said...

Your pictures are, well, delicious! It's hard to believe the difference in latitude. Our little garden has only been in for two weeks! (And then, my parents went to open up the cottage on Lake Ontario last week, and brought home lilacs, which ended here shortly after Mother's Day).

I enjoyed the birds, blackberries, and wildflowers, too!

Anonymous said...

That squash looks delicious. I am growing basil in a large clay pot on my deck. It is not doing well. Any pointers for me?

Robin in New Jersey

Javamom said...

Thank you, ladies!

Robin, it is probably one of these issues:

proper drainage, too much watering or not enough watering. Also, make sure it is getting enough sun!

I also pinch off the tops when they begin to flower, so that all the sweet flavor stays in the leaves. They are said to not be as good for fresh eating once they go to "seed."

Hope these brief tips help!

athenainaminivan said...

Your garden is a few weeks ahead of ours. We did not get it in until a few weeks late and as we live only 20 miles apart I know what I have to look forward to. Your garden looks lovely.