15 June, 2008

For Father's Day

One of the boys and I worked half the day spring cleaning the deck and donating outgrown bikes to the local community thrift store. Hubs was playing music with his buddies at the nursing home, so he didn't know what was going on until the evening.

Trying to give me the evil eye for taking pictures

I bought a new deck table and chairs for the Hubster for Father's Day, so we can enjoy the clean deck, now. We have a great backyard, and we want to take this in before it gets too hot. Our hope is to put a French door in place of the traditional sliding glass door.

I love the tree just off the deck. It provides wonderful shade for the deck most of the day. It's also great for bird watching.

making faces for the camera

Tired, but satisfied after a long day's work

We are going to Hubby's parents home for FD dinner tonight.

How did you all celebrate Father's Day weekend with your loved ones?


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