04 June, 2008

Spanish Magazine Special

I really like this magazine and love to keep them on hand for my kids and other students. These might work with younger, serious students but mainly I'd say about 12 or 13 and up. I will incorporate time for these in my classes this upcoming schoolyear as part of the "big four" important components of learning a foreign language. There is a glossary in the margins of vocab and phrases used in the context of the magazine articles.

Think Spanish magazine is usually $45.95 per year, but with this special is only $29.95

This brief offer is good through tomorrow night.

I've also been reading a thin version of Sports Illustrated in Spanish for my own reading. Not that I love sports all that much, but to give me broader vocabulary and usage, which is helpful for my kids or students who are into sports. The editions I've seen so far have all been very clean magazines!

Chao for now!

SeƱora Javamom

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