11 July, 2008

Bible Restoration project

This job has been half-finished for far too long. The school year became very busy with teaching all my Spanish and other classes, so I needed to set it aside. Such is life with a part-time business and two passions. But NOW this particular project is almost finished (photo above). I just need to "clean it up" a bit and add some polish. I am pleased with how far this Bible restoration has come!


Beginning repairs

Here I am, all focused and hard at work, and almost finished. Ready for the book press.


Robin in New Jersey said...

It looks as good as new! Job well done. My husband needs his Bible binding redone desperately.

Abiding said...

I always enjoy seeing the books you restore! It is lovely and such a gift.

Sheila said...

fascinating...utterly fascinating. I've linked you on my blog, www.aseasonofharvest.blogspot.com

Kim - your blog is a jewel!