03 October, 2008

Garden photos

I accidentally knocked one of the big green tomatoes off the vine the other day, but it should ripen. The romas are amazing. I picked 30 more yesterday and gave another dozen to our fireman neighbor. We have a ton! Time to make more salsa :-)

Fall garden ~ October 1st


Sweet potato vine-age and herbs, peppers in back and corners. Tomatoes in the middle.

Fall Serrano peppers

three of the five tomato plants

One of the roma plants

two roma plants, purple cabbage, sw. potato vineage and marigolds

Other views of Tomato Row

Zinnias at sunset on the deck


Sheila said...

WAH! *sniff*

I want some romas. Oh, they look just perfect. Care to share your salsa recipe on your blog? :-)

Birdie said...

How lovely!

Javamom said...


I will have to measure and write it down when we make our next batch. We tend to "eyeball" some of our recipes.


I have a Canon digital rebel (slightly older model) and a Bogen tripod (with multiple joints for getting really great crops), so that I can use my 300mm lens to get a lot of my bird shots.