21 October, 2008

Plutarch and Eugene Field ~ finished (well, a little fine-tuning left on the insides)!

~ I love this job ~


Katie said...

Beautiful! What is on the cover of the Eugene Field book?

Mrs. Klause said...

Hello there! :0)

We met at the bookclub and came to pick pears. I did not realize that you had a blog; I'll have to stop in and visit often.

Okay, I'm interested in learning about repairing old books. I just love old books! They smell like 'once upon a time'. :0)

Mrs. Klause

Sheila said...

Is this your book????

::breath drawn in dramatically::

I am soooooo jealous. What a gorgeous book, and a title I have long been wanting for myself! You do meticulous work, Kim!

Javamom said...

Thankyouverymuch, Sheila! Both of these books belong to another hs mom friend who hired me to do these repairs. We are doing a little bartering together :-). I've said it many times...I LOVE this interesting work.