18 May, 2009


My nephews and nieces: Jeremy Andraya, Gregory and Stephany in the back, Matt and Tiff, and Timothy (who did a reading for us during the ceremony ~ he was nine at the time, and he did great!). They were all little attendants, and stayed up front during the whole ceremony. It was fun!

ALL the nieces and nephews at that time (hahaha). Let's just say that our family tribe continued to grow. A lot! The two extra itty bitty ones are April and Steven. Almost all of them have their own kids, now...and I get to see most of them this coming weekend!

Steph, Auntie, April, Tiffany, and Andraya
May 18th, 1985


Donna-Jean said...

Happy Anniversary! Those are beautiful pictures. Who are all the little folk?
Praying God's blessings on you and yours, especially at this graduation time.

Javamom said...

Thanks, Donna-Jean! I've updated with the details of the sweet little folk, who have their own little folk just like this, now! My family is good at multiplication ;-).