06 May, 2009

I finally captured the humming bird!

The Dread-Pirate Sparsebeard has been putting out feeders for hummingbirds this spring, and we finally had some come around. They are difficult to catch by camera, as they are so fast.

I observed one Sunday last just outside our bedroom window. He landed and rested on a crepe-myrtle branch briefly, but my camera was nowhere near to retrieve it in time.

These photos are taken from the front door, where the feeders are hanging out on the front porch. This little guy has a shimmery, green back, and is the same one I saw on the crepe myrtle on Sunday.




Sheila said...

You mean you don't have time to stand under the feeder with your finger stuck out waiting for one to land on your finger like my DH? ;-)

Javamom said...

LOL. You got that right!

I've been thinking about y'all a lot lately. How are things going?

Anonymous said...

love the pic! - me again (btw, I'm mikmom (like mikchick, ya know but I think I'm getting a little past the chick stage)) was out of pocket when all the CPSIA stuff started with family stuff
leading to this - elderly neighbor of my mom's (where I was oop at) loves hummingbirds - has a feeder but also everything else related - and is down for a while - would love this

also btw you're not by any chance connected to brookhaven cafe - home of experienced books and new coffee - in the TN area?

Javamom said...

Hi, Mikmom! Do you have a blog or website? I'd love to drop in for a visit.

The coffee shop sounds wonderful and intriguing. I had not heard of it before.