19 May, 2009

Good at Multiplication

I will start with my family, though I am the youngest.

Next...My oldest brother, Randy, and his wife, Brenda:

Randy, Brenda, and their five kids and daughters-in-law

Randy, April, Marti and Brenda, Tim (R and B's oldest) where are their two boys? I'll have to dig for a photo of them...Ah! This one is from our family mini-reunion on Memorial Day Weekend. This is out on our deck.

Randy's middle son Greg and his wife Shawna, boys Gabe and Grant

Youngest son Jeremy and his wife Alisha

...and their sweet kiddos!

Randy's oldest daughter (kid #4) Cass and her son Zeb

Randy's youngest dd Kinni

And now my sister's family:

Kevin and Tammy and their granddaughter, Ava

Their oldest son Matt, his wife and his kiddos. He lives the farthest away, now.

Brian and my sis's daughter, Tiff

Sweet Ava with her mom

April (my sis's youngest) and Jeremy, Hayleigh, Kaylee, and Aiden We just got to enjoy their visit for a long weekend!

and their newest edition this spring. He loves to be held :-)

This is my next brother in line, Steve, and his family

Steven, Chris, Andraya with Holden, Steve, and Stephany. This was taken at our house.

Next is my brother Greg and his wife Laura:

Their daughters Rachel and Nichole

Their sons Chris and Aaron

This is our grafted in family, who have been a part of our family's lives for about 25 years.

Mike, Bryce, Gina, Gina's hubby Pat (one of the newest to the family) and Connie
I've known the kids since they were born!

And here are a big lot of my family who got to be at (and sing in :-) Gina's "Big, Fat, Tulsa Wedding" last summer:

Notice our Mom and Dad just to the right of center by the gorgeous bride :-)


Katie said...

Wow, you have a big family!

Javamom said...

Yes, we do!! About 50 of us when we all get together, which hopefully will be this Christmas, when Matt and his family also come down from R.I. to visit. I haven't seen him in several years.

We also have surrogate family that I should include here, as the kids have grown up with my parents right beside some of my younger nieces and nephews. Gina and Bryce, and their mom and Dad live in Mom and Dad's little town in Oklahoma...Gina recently marrying and moving out West.

Javamom said...

Make that 55-soon-to-be-56 including my crew, and 60 including our grafted in family up in Oklahoma with Mom and Dad. My immediate family: Huge and Fun :-)

Javamom said...

Yes! I got a couple more photos, now it is nearly complete. My crew needs a new family photo, complete with Ashlynn and kids that look older and don't have long hair, anymore, LOL!