24 August, 2009

Boston as a turning point

Boston is (and the surrounding townships are) a milestone in our early married lives; one of those turning points that propelled us in a whole new direction for our future.

Living in Boston before children, and as our family first began to grow beyond 'just the two of us,' was one of the best things we ever did. Not to dwell on and be stuck in the past, but to reflect on how the things we learned and chose in Boston really did set a good foundation for our lives that would proceed through the late 80's, 90's and the early part of the 21st century.

Revisiting the old haunts, and getting a better look at some we missed when we lived there, was a "coming full circle" moment in time. Being able to share that with some of our kids is (as the commercial slogan says)

~ p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s. ~

I'll spare you the specifics...A brief outline would include such things as:

~ an even better realization of freedom of worship and religion, and the discipline of grace...we
broke free from extreme legalism here, in so many ways. We also helped a little with cult or extreme church legalism recovery with a small group outside of Boston. Yes, we helped physically move people out of controlling situations, one lived with us for a time, even. We counseled, and we met with said people when they had to face accusations or teams who'd try to guilt trip them back into submission and confession. Egads. I wish we had done more and been even more feisty...the kind of righteous indignation that comes after half a lifetime of experience.

~ became educated about and chose home birthing here
~ were first exposed to the idea of homeschooling here
~ continued on with the healthful lifestyle of more nutritional eating and long-distance cycling
that began back in OK City, first year of marriage, inspired by the lifestyle of my boss and her
~ worked in an environment of wellness with an excellent, encouraging, and upbeat boss.

The Opera House (under repair at the moment) Saw "The Nutcracker" here for the first time in my life while on a triple date!

Vistas, Downtown Boston - love the triangle shaped buildings and connecting "bicycle-spoke" streets

We didn't have S'bux back then, but we did have Au Bon Pain :)

Lots of street musicians both underground at the T stops and at Fannieul Hall, Old State House, etc.

The South Street Diner, with the giant tea-cup (This is Boston!) still standing on top. This is where we would meet hubby's brother, on his very-late-night "lunch" breaks. Excited that it is doing well and still there.

South Market (beside Fannieul Hall) We used to get bagels here or at Quincy

Quincy Market (also beside Fannieul Hall)

Fannieul Hall. fun shopping here, on the bottom floor.

Juxtaposition of the very old, crammed beside the new. Always reminds me a little of Europe

Entrance gate to Chinatown - We walked and we walked and we walked, b/c Ms. GPS got us turned around. The blessing? We got to see all the old places we used to visit or where we'd do a little shopping.

Chinatown - no we never ate at McD's there. We ate Chinese in Chinatown. The best in the city!!

Filene's and Filene's Basement, which recently closed :( Could find many deals here on all the necessary things like boots, gloves, scarves, for a real winter ;-)

More City vistas

Making our way out of the city, along the Charles and toward our old workplaces and home.

Hubby's old commute via bicycle. What scenery! Can't really beat it, unless you live in Colorado, or Vermont, or Oregon.......maybe Europe, LOL.

Ever driven or ridden through rotaries? Ever done it multiple times by bicycle for commuting or weekend extended rides? It is exhilarating, haha.

Where Hubs worked, just of the Charles River in Cambridge, near MIT

Hubby's old workplace

Where I worked, in Arlington, for a chiropractor there.

Historic church building down the road from where we lived.

Where we loved to eat Greek food quite a lot, down the road from where we lived. Best secret in Boston and the townships! Still open after all these years!

Our former home in Belmont. :::sigh:::

I'll post historic and literary homes later. I hope you're enjoying the tour!


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Robin in New Jersey said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Brings back memories of my college days. Filene's is closed? My friends and I used to walk around in there. Fanuiel Hall~~unique place.