19 August, 2009

Spending a little time in Pennsylvania

you recognize Independence Hall, right? We spent a wee bit of time here before driving on to New England. It began raining as soon as we entered the complex for the tours. Didn't dampen my spirits, but I did have to cover my camera for safekeeping.

You can see one wing of Independence Hall which part of my family is walking in front of, and Congress Hall is to the left. A couple of other copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are kept in the small wing.

Supreme Court Hall. Their first meeting hall when the USA was young

Hall of Philosophy

Inside Congress Hall (The Continental Congress and the Patriots! Loved this place)

Congress Hall, where John Adams was sworn into office as second president of the United States.

Downstairs in Congress Hall. This is where we sat to hear the beginning of the tour

Benjamin Franklin Library...We will spend some time here when we go back in two years. To read more about this historic place, click here.

upstairs meeting rooms of Congress Hall

Senate Hall - upstairs in Congress Hall Building

Senate Hall - other side

upstairs meeting rooms

Some of the library upstairs. Some of these are just encyclopedias, but their covers are still very lovely

Look what I found! An old, old bookpress in one of the upstairs meeting rooms

Antique book press, other side. This is as far into the room as we could venture

stone walkways in the complex of historical building in the middle of Philadelphia --fabulous path on which to walk

Do you have any awesome field trips scheduled into your year for your family's bonding and learning experiences?



Sheila said...

I am so jealous! I love these pictures!

Robin in New Jersey said...

We were there in July standing in line in 90 degree heat! Wasn't it neat?! I loved seeing the chair George Washington sat in~~the one with the rising sun on it. I just love History.

Javamom said...

Thank you, ladies! We had an utterly peaceful, amazing, and phenomenal time...Heaven on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Does the CPSIA count as an Intolerable Act?