15 January, 2012

Hawk Stalking

January 8th Hawk Stalking results:

It was competely overcast and chilly, but no wind.

adorable American Kestrel

Red-tail hawk? not sure b/c of the strips.

This is Henry the hawk, one at the edge of our neighborhood that we've watched from afar for years, now. He did not like me getting "close" to take his photo, so I had to be more sneaky, hide behind the car door and shoot from there. My longest lens is a 200-400. Yes, a better one (1200) is on my wishlist!

Later, after observing other hawks down the road, he came back around. My strategy to stay behind the car door worked pretty well, as he didn't scare off so quickly. Not bad for my first time out trying to capture him.

coming in for another landing

The backside of Henry

Henry the hawk (red-tail-pretty sure anyway)

Two red-tail hawks

the hawk on the right

the hawk on the left

so beautiful

 The above hawks keep their distance from our neighborhood.

We have a hawk (Coopers or Sharp-shinned...probably a Coopers hawk, as he is larger) and a falcon that regularly visit our backyard to look for "lunch." I am almost always trying to keep my camera ready for them, but it is not easy. They like to do the hunting and not be 'the hunted.'

We are planning another outing soon!



Robin in New Jersey said...

You got great photos!

Javamom said...

Thank you, Robin!