13 January, 2012

Mrs. Finch

Here is the female finch that I was writing about. See how she has pin feathers sticking out from her eye?

She also has a tumor or two above her left eye. I wonder what happened. She has been around the cottage for months, now, but I also wonder how long she will last, and if she can see out of her left eye. We have a lot of hawks in the area (which may not even bother with her, because she is so small) and American Kestrels (which do like small prey).

Another view of the feathers poking out of her eye.

She decides to try and wash them out ~

Poor girl, trying so hard to wash the irritants out of her eye, or so it seems.

Because here, she seems so weary and tired. The eye malady has burdened her for months that I've noticed her.

More to come, if we see here again. The temps dropped and I have not spotted her at the feeders for a couple of days :-(.


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