22 April, 2016

Charlotte Mason Home Education Cover Reattachment: Just one of several options

Here is the video that likely most of my CM mom friends are going to enjoy. This is one of several ways to safely, archivally reattach covers to your paperback Charlotte Mason (or other) books without resorting to elmer's glue or awful tape.

Hope this helps, and Ciao for now!



Sharon said...

Thank you for these videos! I'm sad to say that I was a packaging tape book taper. But no more. I'm going to the craft store to look for this tape and I promise I won't use packaging tape on good books again. What are the other options beside this tape?

Javamom said...

Linen hinging tape or better yet, gummed cambric book tape by lineco, also available on Amazon.com. I will show how I put that on in an upcoming video. It is a little thicker, but very good for heavier books.

There are acid-free, wider bookcloth tapes that libraries use that you might consider, if you don't mind covering up the spine title, and they are also on amazon. They come in various colors. I plan to buy some when I get my next paycheck and could demonstrate that, as well.

Mama Squirrel said...

My covers are still on! But if they come off, I will be back to watch this again!

See you in a month.