21 April, 2016

Introduction to simple paperback book repairs

This is my first simple book repair video, and I apologize for its graininess. I love natural light, but my older camera doesn't have auto zoom. Having said that, this is also one of my first efforts at recording lessons. I've done one or two for my Spanish students who didn't make it to class because of illness or debate trips, so please bear with me as I work at getting better at working with the technology!

As a postscript to the video, I have been a Charlotte Mason mom for decades. I've been an AO mom since even before it first officially began. Some of the old timer-CM moms conversed and shared ideas and did studies together through e-groups, which later became yahoogroups. Then, an experimental group of the CM moms jumped in to see if CM in a box idea would work, so Leslie Laurio, Donna-Jean, Lynn, and many of the other current Advisory Board ladies started putting things together and sharing with us on that old list. It was an exciting time! Anyway, that is why I say I have been an AO mom for decades ;-). I joined the internet in about 1996 or 97, and the CM e-mail group started quickly. If I ever "KonMari" my attic, I will find a filebox full of categorized e-mails from those early years and share it with you all (via photos). Just call me a "historian" instead of a packrat. Hahaha!

Ciao for now! I'll post another video soon. I am still waiting for some Cambric tape to be delivered to the house, and it should arrive any minute.



p.s. At the end, when I am talking about archival details, I mention that you want pvc free clear covers, but then I confuse the product by not naming the proper product! I cover that (ha, pun intended) in another video. Those clear coverings are made of mylar! More information and links to resources in the next video.

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