03 April, 2005

Dream jobs

Home made mandolins

Today's sermon at church began with the phrase "What would your dream job be?" A local hs dad (on our church's drama team) made a tape of many of our church members answering this question, young and old alike. It ranged from ideas such as "being an archeologist and getting paid handsomely for it," "being on the mission field" to "being a princess."

Above, you'll see pictures of what my hubby loves to do in his free time, rather a scarce commodity. His dream job is being a luthier. He loves being a teacher, but lutherie uses a different part of the brain, and can be done in relative silence.

That's the way it is for me and bookbinding. My dream job, after motherhood, is to be a book conservator/restoration"ist" and bookbinder. It is a little scarey sometimes, knowing that pasting or gluing something a little off will mess up a job, or some other such mistake. One can't be fainthearted! You have to know when a lot of "pressing" is good and when too much pressure is a bad thing that can ruin the structure of a book or cloth. Aye!!!

Maybe I'll remember it all...

In the meantime, it is still fun to be able to at least work toward the dream...not for the money, but for the satisfaction and of a new skill learned or mistake(s) corrected.

I don't know how much I held my breath today getting the text block of my Elder Poets vintage book "problem child" back in its case. It is a problem child in part because it is a "quarto" so the print of this gorgeous book is going in the wrong grain direction. Argh. I will be much more careful of just such a problem before I buy it in the future. I don't mind spending $10 or less on such a problem book, that I plan to use in our homeschool or read for myself, or give as a gift. I spent good money on this one several years back, before I knew any better.

My second dream job is to be a happy grandma someday.

What is your dream job?

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