25 April, 2005


Dear son Androcles had a b-day this past week, so I took him to Half-Price Bookstore for an adventure. He chose an Origami kit for us to work on together. It is called The Origami Book and Kit by Makiko Ikeda, and was originally $30. We found it for $9.98, less the teachers' discount. I noticed there are several of them available at Bookcloseouts.com for just under $13.

This is not something I've ever really tried on my own before, although I have admired other people's origami creations over the years. He took to it rather quickly, and has enjoyed this more than I thought he would! this kit is simple enough for a nine or ten year old, and ds and I both highly recommend it!

"...Whereas Western art focuses upon the freedom to move images around on paper or canvas to create fixed patterns, origami ignores the separation between the image and the paper. The paper becomes part of the image, and is twisted and folded until it is the picture, not merely the surface on which it lies."
[The Artful Universe by John D. Barrow, Chapter 2, p. 7-8]

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