21 April, 2005

Today in History

Happy Birthday to John Muir, U.S. Naturalist, born in 1838 and Charlotte Bronte, novelist, born 1816.

On this day, Mark Twain died, in 1910.
In 1574, Cosimo I de Medici, art patron (Accademia del Disegno), died at age 64. That is old for a Medici!

It is also the day that folks in Rome celebrate the Natale di Roma (Rome's birthday, 753 BC).
For our Texas friends, this is San Jacinto day, marking the Battle of San Jacinto, 1836, when Texas won her independence from Mexico.

Two days ago, on April 19th was, of course, the day the Branch Davidian sieze ended 12 years ago, and the Oklahoma City bombing occured 10 years ago. Did you know it was also Patriots Day in Concord, Massachusetts? Hubby and I lived in Boston for a time, and we enjoyed spending time and working near the old, historical places.
Spring on the Charles River and Walden Pond is fantastic! This week (the third Monday of April) also marks the anniversary of the First Boston Marathon, first run on April 20th, 1897.

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